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Since 1952 Holiday Group has lead the Canadian industry in luggage and soft bags primarily through licensing. Founded in 1984 by an airline pilot, Travelpro, which holds eleven patents with six pending, invented the first rolling, vertical carryon known as the Rollaboard. 

Holiday Group owns proprietary brands Travelpro, Atlantic, Austin House, and Nextech. Core licenses are selected to fill various niche markets and include: SWISSGEAR (Wenger), and Roots 73. The Bertini Handbag division licenses brands such as Roots 73, and Simon Chang. Bertini also distributes the David Jones in Canada. The Umbrella division licenses Knirps.

The product range has expanded from luggage to include business cases, camera and media bags, backpacks, sport bags, hockey bags, ski and board bags, handbags, ladies lunch bags, cosmetic bags, straw hats and bags, children’s bags, small leather goods, travel accessories and umbrellas.