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Compression Socks for Travel

Clinically proven to improve blood circulation, these silky soft flight socks contain graduated compression to help prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

Medically approved, they are ideal for use on long-haul flights.

They are comfortable to wear and effective in easing the discomfort of tired legs, feet and swollen ankles.


- Large: Men: UK 9-12 / USA 9-12.5 / Euro 43-47.

- Large: Women: UK 9-12 / USA 10.5-14 / Euro 43-47.

- Medically approved graduated compression socks.

- Relieves tired, aching legs, feet & ankles.

- Improves blood circulation & prevents DVT.

- NOTE: These Flight Support Socks are intended for use with healthy legs, if you suffer from diabetes, artiral or heart disease we recommend you take advice from your medical doctor, before using any compression therapy products.

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