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Travel Clothing

Travel clothing is gaining in popularity these days, and with good reason. While the clothes we wear everyday once went straight into our luggage for that business trip or holiday, over time seasoned travelers have realized that the unique circumstances of travel demand a special breed of travel clothing.

Travel clothing is a durable, more useful article of clothing that is multi functional. Whether you’re headed to the big city on a business trip, to the Caribbean on a cruise or to Europe or Asia for a big travel adventure, there are lines and items of travel clothing that will suit your travel needs.

Some of the demands of travel clothing include garments and fabrics being sun-protecting, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, lightweight, durable and non-wrinkling. Does that sound like a tall order? You can choose from some of these features in travel clothing – but we even carry items of travel clothing in Ottawa at Capital City Luggage that include ALL these features!

Choose the right clothing piece for your next trip right here.

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