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ExOfficio Mens Sport Mesh Crew Neck T SHIRT

ExOfficio make simply the best baselayers and underwear for men ever. That's a very bold claim, but one that we stand by. Their Give-N-Go range is among the best synthetic items of clothing in the world, and in the world of menswear in particular, there is nothing that competes. The Sports Mesh range is the new and improved generation of items and the inheritors of Give-N-Go. This new mesh t-shirt is one of the most impressive basics you'll ever wear. The material is robust and incredibly sturdy, with a special treatment that means it is anti-microbial. This keeps it staying free from odour and fresh after multiple days of wear. That's right, days! You can wash this quickly by hand and with regular soap and it will be fresh and ready to go in a few hours, with the best quick drying technology in the world behind its creation. One of their favourite slogans at ExOfficio is "17 countries, 6 weeks, 2 pairs of underwear". Well this t-shirt is made from the same material and with its breatheability, anti-bacterial qualities, and quick dry features, it is the perfect travel item. And it's comfy enough for everyday too. This is the perfect men's t-shirt.

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