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Garment bags are a classic way to transport suits, dresses and other garments to prevent wrinkling. Garment bags can also be used to store garments such as suits and wedding dresses from dust.

Whereas travel garment bags were once heavy, clunky and difficult as carry-ons, today’s garment bags are lighter weight and more versatile. Many garment bags now have wheels, making them a lot easier and less clumsy to take through hotel lobbies and airport terminals.

A garment bag or suit bag can be bi-fold (one single fold) tri-fold (folds into itself 3 times, to enable it to fit as a carryon) or can be on wheels. Most garment bags use a common household hanger inside it, for convenience.

Choose from the brand, configuration, size and colour that best suits (pun intended) your garment bag needs. Search through some great garment bags below.