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Handbags aren’t just for travel, of course. Handbags are a part of everyday life for many people in Ottawa and across Canada. Over time handbags have become fashion accessories, complementing one’s wardrobe, personality and purposes.

Here at Capital City Luggage we have almost 500 varieties of handbags available. Our selection of handbags comes from some of the leading brands of handbags in Canada and around the world.

For the traveler, we have unisex travel handbags with padded e-reader pockets, and small wallets on strings. Travel handbags are something to consider carefully, both for the way the handbag will meet your travel needs (business trip versus European getaway, for example) and for security purposes. Anti-theft handbags are a great idea if your travels take you to heavily touristed destinations where travelers are a target of common thiefs, or for travel to big cities where pickpocketing and petty crime is a reality.

We also have a collection of handbags that offer protection for your contents from RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking pockets to lockable zippers.

Our brands of handbags include Travelon, Pacsafe, Luglife, Le Sportsac and many more. Search below for your new favourite handbag.

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