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At Capital City Luggage we repair more than just luggage. We are Ottawa’s leading luggage and bag repair center. Please come visit us at 1337 Wellington St. W. (This address will be changing June 2021) with all your repair needs or if you prefer, you can forward photos of the damaged item inside and out to [email protected] and one of our service technicians will be glad to contact you and discuss the problem.

At Capital City Luggage and Repair Ottawa, we have been doing first class repairs to all airline and manufacturer damage for more than 30 years, and depending on the particular company we able to  invoice many of them directly to save you the hassle of waiting to be paid.

If you have recently traveled and have a valid Airline Damage Claim, we can facilitate the repairs, and you can submit the receipt to the airline directly for reimbursement upon the airlines approval. 

We can also write up an estimate to submit to your carrier or insurance company for any damage you incur, for a small fee.

We repair backpacks, purses, duffles, luggage, golf bags, equipment cases and many other types of bags.

We always look forward to hear from you you.

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