Austin House 3-Dial Combination Padlock Maple Leaf Print


Celebrate your love for Canada, with a TSA approved lock with a red and white theme maple leaf



TSA Approved, 3 dial combination padlock

ABS housing

steel shackle

using this tsa approved lock allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by authorities without damage to your zippers.

each lock as a special code which is used by the tsa and other security agenies to know which took to use to open the lock

every security screening location at the USA/Canadian and Internation airports uses the TSA locks to make for safe and secure inspections

There is a red indicator deature which will appear when TSA agents have opened the lock. To reset the indicator, simple turn the dials to set combination, pull up the shackle and turn it 360 degrees counterclockwise until you hear the click. or insert a small pin like device (paperclip) down into the small home located on the opposite end of the dials. This red indicator only goes up if the TSA keyhole was used, which will indicate someone in security has been into your luggage.



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