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Wrinkle Wiz Spray Away Wrinkles



Wrinkle Wiz is one of those must-have travel products, especially after those long airplane or car trips that leave you looking as if you slept in your clothes. Just spray it on and smooth away the wrinkles in seconds. Works on almost any fabric, even silk, and does not stain. Also eliminates static cling and removes odors.

Wrinkle Wiz – Dry Cleaner in a Bottle

Wrinkle Wiz is truly as good as a mini dry cleaner that fits into your suitcase. A combination of safe and highly penetrating fabric relaxers eliminate wrinkles while refreshing your clothes and leaving them smelling as if they were just laundered. Now you can refresh your clothes and remove wrinkles as you unpack in your hotel room. It is a great way to help keep your travel dry cleaning bill low.

Just spray and watch as wrinkles fall away. Wrinkle Wiz specially formulated fabric relaxers de-wrinkle all types of fabric. Wrinkle Wiz features an ultra-clear formula which dries in minutes. It eliminates static cling, is non-toxic and won’t stain. It even helps with removing odors too!

Wrinkle Wiz- Meets TSA Carry-on Guidelines

Wrinkle Wiz comes in convenient 2-ounce airline friendly travel size so it’s safe for taking on airlines and easily fits into any toiletry bag.

What is Wrinkle Wiz?

Wrinkle Wiz Before & After

Wrinkle Wiz was specially made by fabric engineers and chemists for the sole purpose of eliminating garment wrinkles and making wrinkled clothes neat and wearable. As a result of years of patience and fine tuning Wrinkle Wiz is the most effective formula in the industry in “making wrinkled clothes wearable.”

Wrinkle Wiz uses a combination of safe and highly penetrating, instantaneous fabric relaxers. The product is designed to de-wrinkle all fabric types – even silk. It dries fast and eliminates static cling – all without staining.  Just spray and watch the wrinkles disappear before your eyes.

Wrinkle Wiz Directions

Use Wrinkle Wiz when traveling, driving to work, taking clothes out of the dryer, or just for de-wrinkling and refreshing after use.  We all know how badly seat belts wrinkle once ironed clothing after driving even a short distance. Just spray on Wrinkle Wiz from 6-8 inches away from the fabric, wait ten seconds, pull fabric taut and comb wrinkles out with your hand. The spray is a fabric softener, so it simply softens the fibers when applied.

Wrinkle Wiz Directions


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