Balanzza’s Ergo Hand-Held Digital Luggage Scale

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Compact functionality and has the same features of Balanzza’s previous model, the Mini. This is the quarter generation of Balanzza patented scales horizontally positioned, with a screen on the top and a strong strap to secure the luggage; offering the most natural way to lift heavy objects. The back lighted screen is located on the upper side of the scale, making it easier to see the weight while lifting it with one hand; the user can also wait for the beep to set it down if lifted with 2 hands.

Its ergonomic and compact shape lets you lift the objects easily and with less stress to your hands. Its patented structure with anti-slip rubber finish and functionality make it easy to lift, wait for the beep, and set it down. Use it at home to weigh your children’s backpack, or the holiday gifts you are planning to ship, or that occasional parcel that needs to be sent.Make sure to bring it with you on your trips so you are safe from the overweight luggage fees. Even use it at the office for those small and medium size packages that need to be weighed before shipping. In addition to these differences, the Balanzza  has the same durability, strength and features as its predecessor and the warranty and quality of all the Balanzza Digital Scales. The scale is compact and ready to travel with you wherever you may go. Built with a strong strap, measures weight in pounds (imperial) or kilograms (metric)

  • Lightest and Smallest Scale in the World
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Finish
  • Easy to Grip with 2 Hands
  • Strong Strap Design
  • Backlight Display
  • Weighs in Pounds (Imperial) and Kilograms (Metric)
  • Lift, Wait for the Beep and Set-it-Down
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 4″ x 1.6″ x 1.35″ (10cm x 4cm x 3.1cm)

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Weight.1 lbs
Dimensions8 x 4 x 3 in


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