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Traveling in comfort has always been a challenge. To make things worse, most travel “comfort” products don’t work as advertised, particularily travel pillows. In 2009, the first travel pillow “that actually works” was developed by Cabeau Travel. The innovative Evolution Pillow™ is made of memory foam, is washable, and comes with its own compact travel bag. However, for Cabeau Travel and its customers, a proven best seller is just the beginning…there is no end to Evolution.

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The company’s newest creation, the patented Air Evolution™ travel pillow, comes with most of its predecessor’s comfortable, cutting-edge features with two amazing new features — ultimate adjustability and compactibility. Because the Air Evolution™ is made with an ultra-lightweight inflatable air core, the travel pillow can adjust to your desired comfort and support level, and it actually compacts to the size of a soda can! Additionally, the Air Evolution™ comes with a portable travel case, can attach to any bag or handle, and compresses to fit virtually anywhere.

With unmatched head support and a soft velour cover, the affordable Air Evolution™ is a no-brainer for travelers weary of middle seats, restless journeys, and neck aches. Its features include:

COMPACT TRAVEL CASE that attaches to bags or purses and allows the pillow to compress to the size of a soda can for quick and convenient packing.

LIGHTWEIGHT INFLATABLE AIR CORE that can be adjusted to your ideal comfort level for long-lasting head support. The environmentally-friendly plastic can be surface cleaned and is wrapped with a removable and machine-washable super-soft velour cover.

LATERAL HEAD STABILIZATION SUPPORTS to prevent your head from falling sideways. If your head tends to fall forward, spin the pillow around backwards and you have a chin rest with full frontal support.

DUPLEX SLIDE-LOCK TOGGLE that can be adjusted to hold the pillow in place and provide additional head support.

SUPER-SOFT VELOUR COVER that comforts your neck, unlike those sharp plastic edges found on other inflatable pillows. The cover is also removable and machine-washable to eliminate germs.

MEDIA POUCH to hold your mp3 player or cell phone while you listen to music hands-free, lap-free, and pocket-free.

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