Fashion Go Tubb Large 3Pack Go Tubb


These  large plastic 3.75 oz. containers are FDA approved and completely free of PC’s and BPA’s, making them great for holding kids snacks and medicines.



The best part about these plastic containers is the trick to opening them. They vacuum seal shut making them watertight (and sand tight) until you take your thumb and fore finger and squeeze the side. With a soft “pop” it lifts open. Cool, huh? One pack contains 3 Go Tubb containers available in white, green and blue, just in case you need to coordinate. I use them for Sun tan lotion, candies, and  aspirin (just in case the sun gives me a headache. They also have a recessed area for labels, so you don’t have to keep popping the lids open if you forget. 

Go-Tubb’s are a handy tool that no traveler should go without. Toss one in your bag and see for yourself.

Around the block or around the world.


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