Flight Shield Airline Headrest Cover


The Average airplane is cleaned once every 30 days, and airline cleanliness is not regulated by the FDA or FAA. Flight Shield is a multi-use, machine washable headrest cover that provides protection from exposure to contaminated seats.



It is made of medical grade non-­woven microporous film, which is blood and liquid resistant. This combination of materials maximizes protection and comfort. Simply place Flight Shield on your headrest before take off and enjoy your flights knowing you are protected. Over 815 million people fly commercially every year in the U.S. About 2.3 million per day. With airlines constantly striving to cut costs, the downtime between flights has decreased, which means fewer cleanings of seats between flights. This translates into dirtier airplane seats.


  • Helps protect against germs and bacteria
  • Multi-use, washable
  • alwaysflyclean.com
  • Flight-Shield LLC


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