Rhino Wrap Large Luggage Stretch Wrap Yellow


Shrink wrap your luggage so it can get from point A to B without a scratch.



Rhino Wrap protects your luggage no matter size or shape- Rhino Wrap stretches securely around your bag keeping both your bag and belongings safe from damage, theft, rain, filth, insertions and openings- And its TSA Complaint, Rhino Wrap stretches around all different types of luggage, such as suitcases, duffel bags, golf clubs, skis, car seats, bikes, wheelchairs and many more-Features- Rhino Wrap comes on an extended cardboard core providing a convenient handle for easy use– Wrap your bag– Secure the end of the stretch wrap with one of the included stickers– Then label it using the included marker- The roll is also portable to take with you on your trip so you can use it again for your return home– Rhino Wrap – Luggage Plastic Wrap – Protective Stretch Wrap Luggage Cover for Travel– Wraps 4XL Bags– Heavy-duty TSA compliant luggage covers were developed by an airline pilot– 80 gauge stretch luggage plastic wrap easily fits around any bag, box or object– Protects your luggage against theft, damage, openings, stains and inclement weather– Color – Yellow– Size – Large– Dimension – 3-6 x 3-6 x 10 in– ItemWeight – 11 oz-Includes- One Rhino Wrap roll 5 in- x 1000 ft- covers 2XL bags– Stickers to secure the end of the stretch wrap– Marker to write your identifying information directly on your bag

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 x 4 x 4 in


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