The colors and the elegant design elements are a visual feast. A plethora of abstracts, landscapes, scenes from nature and artistic motifs transforms each handbag into an object of timeless art. By combining the vibrancy of nature and more vintage themes with the latest in runway fashion, Anuschka has redefined Wearable Art.

The success of the Basu group and its tremendous contribution to its active community can be exemplified by such artisans like Kaushik who are still working with the company and growing the cycle of sustainability by recruiting others who are facing the same income challenges. A hands-on creative head, Roma is still in the workshop every day interacting with the senior artisans as well as their apprentices and coaching them to hone their skills. The Basu Group’s fair trade policies ensure that their artisans are paid higher rates than similar skilled workers in other industries. They support the artisans’ efforts with health insurance for their families and retirement benefits, enabling them to afford the basics that are taken for granted – electricity in their homes, the ability to send their kids to school and to plan for their retirement. All this goes a long way in boosting their morale, providing a support system and inspiring them to work better.

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