Lug’s the focus is on the creation of bags and accessories that exemplify an organized family lifestyle; with Function, Fashion, and most importantly colour, the products are designed for women, men and families on the go – ideal for day to day life, and savvy travelers. Find your perfect handbag, travel tote or weekend bag here.

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  • lug ace heather

    Lug Ace Tote

    Sale!$95.00 $89.99
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  • adagiom

    Lug Adagio Destination Tote

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  • airbus-heather_grande1

    Lug Airbus Weekend Bag

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  • download (1)4

    Lug Cable Car Satchel

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  • cancan1

    Lug Can Can Small Cross-Body Bag

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  • canoe chocolate

    Lug Canoe Makeup Brush Holder

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  • cargo tube

    Lug Cargo Tubes 3 pc

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  • Carousel3-coral_compact

    Lug Carousel Mini Cross-Body Bag 3.0

    Sale!$58.00 $54.99
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  • download (2)

    Lug Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag

    Sale!$129.99 $119.99
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  • clearview-2pak-lifestyle-2

    Lug Clearview Envelopes 2pc set

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  • clipper

    Lug Clipper Flat Iron Case

    Sale!$19.99 $18.99
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  • compass grass green

    Lug Compass Shoulder Pouch Green

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Showing 1–12 of 42 results