Style and elegance mixed with form and function is why a wallet is such a personal accessory. We have leather wallets, and fabric wallets to suit everyone’s need and personality at Capital City Luggage. With over 100 different options, there is no shortage of selection. RFID wallets, for added security, or slim travel wallets. Browse our wallet categories.

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  • Non RFID Blocking Wallets

    Non RFID Blocking Wallets (51)

  • Non-RFID Blocking Passport Wallets

    Non-RFID Blocking Passport Wallets (3)

  • RFID Blocking Passport Wallets

    RFID Blocking Passport Wallets (7)

  • RFID Blocking Wallets

    RFID Blocking Wallets (64)

  • krk coin wallet

    Anuschka Coin Pouch

    Sale!$24.00 $19.99
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  • 1032 pha

    Anuschka Credit Card Case

    Sale!$25.00 $19.99
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  • 1126 flj

    Anuschka Organizer Wallet Smart Phone Case

    Sale!$140.00 $99.99
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  • 1140tqp

    Anuschka RFID Blocking Card Case with Coin Pouch

    Sale!$50.00 $39.99
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  • 1138-NSK Front

    Anuschka RFID Blocking Small Flap French Wallet

    Sale!$130.00 $99.99
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  • 1125 ffy

    Anuschka Twin Zip Organizer Wallet

    Sale!$125.00 $99.99
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  • 1143vtb

    Anushka Zip Around Organizer RFID Clutch Wallet

    Sale!$140.00 $99.99
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  • card protectors

    Austin House RFID Card Sleeve 3 Pack AH62CS91

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  • passport protector

    Austin House RFID Passport Sleeve ah62ps01 095

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  • This aluminum card case can help prevent your cards from breaking or bending and also protect them from unauthorized RFID

    Austin House RFID Protection Card Case Aluminium

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  • baggallini rfid double zip wristlet scarlet

    Baggallini rfid double zip wristlet

    Sale!$60.00 $39.99
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  • 98-59 bosca wallet front view

    Bosca 8 Pocket Deluxe Executive Wallet Black

    Sale!$150.00 $139.99
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Showing 1–12 of 121 results