Hidesign Hema Handbag Leather Blue

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Hema a fullgrain wide leather crossbody handbag, with carry straps.

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From its artisan roots of a two man workshop to a company of 3000 spread all over the world, Hidesign has stayed true to its strong heritage of craftsmanship and innovative design. Hidesign stands out for the sensuous naturalness of its high quality leathers and the smooth soft glow of its solid brass fittings in the leather goods it handcrafts.

  • Hidesign introduces a unique collection using East India leather (E.I.), first discovered and popularized by the British East India Company in the early 1800s. The leather made in South India using traditional method of vegetable tanning, was celebrated as one of the highest quality leathers around the world, for over two centuries. The E.I. leather production declined when chemically tanned leathers replaced it for their cost effectiveness and ease of tanning. Produced by tanneries around Tamil Nadu, E.I. leather was acknowledged by a registration under the Geographical Indications of India in 2008, thereby giving it international recognition and paving path for its revival. Hidesign aims to revive the lost art by bringing this 200 year-old heritage leather back to the retail forefront. The Collection has a range for both men and women that is modern and minimal with clean lines that focus on the beauty of the leather.
    • Rub lightly with a soft damp cloth dipped in light shampoo solution.
    • In case of light coloured leathers avoid dirt and oil.
    • Leather’s worst enemies are oil/eggs/pen marks. They do not come out.
    • Hidesign’s light coloured leathers such as white, nude and beak have a special finish from 3M technologies, that adds a protective layer, but this does not help against oil.
    • Leather products should be well aired out or stored in a cloth bag.
    • Do not enclose leather products in plastic bags for a long period of time.


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