Samsonite Silhouette XV Large Glider

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A horizontal suitcase, stable, and low to enable a carry-on to sit comfortably on top

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The Samsonite Silhouette luggage series has historically embodied our newest innovations to meet the most current, yet ever changing needs of the frequent traveler. Our latest edition, Silhouette XV, takes ease of use for today’s road warrior to a whole new level. Comfort, capacity, mobility and adjustability are all carefully considered features in this collection, making it the ideal choice for you to carry your world.
• Featuring StrideAlign™ Technology.
• Ergonomic, gravity-hugging profile.
• Adjustable contoured RightHeight™ handle.
• Unique proportions for easy carry and stow.
• Tru-Trac™ wheel system features v-shaped, camber instructed design for a straight roll every time.
• Effortless roll on all surfaces.
• Lightweight handing prganizer engineered to minimize wrinkles in your business or casual attire.
• Packing capacity for Large Glider™ case is comparable to 28″ luggage.
• Weight: 12.1 lbs.

Body Dimensions: 25.0″ x 22.0″ x 12.0″
Overall Dimensions: 25.5″ x 23.5″ x 14.0″

  • StrideAlign™ Technology – StrideAlign™ technology was designed and engineered to bring comfort, ease, and mobility to the travel experience. A gravity-hugging profile and wide wheel base combined with a wider, twelve position handle make movement easier for travelers.
  • Tru-Trac™ Wheel System – Features v-shaped, camber instructed design for a straight roll every time. Cambered casters “track” straight when wheeled eliminating the need for more force or stress to be applied by the users hand and arm.
  • RightHeight™ Pull Handle System – Features multiple height adjustments that makes it easy to custom fit the bag to most body types. Stops at every inch to improve control. Ergonomically shaped Wide Grip allows for many handling positions.
  • Suiter – Carries folded suits, coats, and other hanging clothes in a protective compartment inside your suitcase.
  • Cross straps – Secure the contents of your luggage to help prevent shifting that can cause damage. They also help keep the contents of your luggage organized.


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