Travelon Large Purse Organizer


A compact purse organizer that will hold all your essentials and be transferable to any handbag you own.




Organize your purse and prevent identity theft. The RFID blocking purse organizer makes changing from purse to purse, a breeze. This lightweight insert is loaded with pockets so all of your personal items are organized and at fingers reach. But what makes this different from other purse organizers, is that it contains RFID blocking technology so that debit/credit cards and driver’s licenses with RFID chips are not continually broadcasting your personal data. The blocking technology prevents unauthorized access to your information, keeping your identity safe.

Material: Microfiber

Size: 6.5 x 10 x 0.5
  • Keeps handbag contents organized and accessible
  • Makes changing from handbag to handbag easy
  • Four exterior pockets
  • Large gusseted main compartment
  • Includes RFID blocking technology to prevent unauthorized access to personal information