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A toiletry bag (also called a toiletry kit, toilet bag, shave kit, travel kit, dopp kit, shaving kit or wash bag), is a portable bag that is small is size and fits nicely into a suitcase, carry-on or duffel bag.

Toiletry bags are designed to hold small bottles of shampoo and body wash, and other bathroom necessities that you may take on a trip. Different styles include hanging toiletry bags and counter-top sitting shave kits.

We often recommend putting your shaving kit or toiletry bag in your carry-on bag when flying, especially if the toiletry bag contains medications or other items you could need in flight or early on at your destination. Just be sure that you meet CATSA / TSA / security regulations for liquid limits and other restricted items.

If you live in Ottawa, you’ve probably flown on a regional jet to a connecting airport or even to destination. These often require gate-check for your carry-on bag. That’s where toiletry bags come in handy! Just remove your shaving kit or toilet bag from the carry-on and bring that on board the flight with you.

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