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Tote bags are great for travel and for everyday use. At Capital City Luggage in Ottawa we carry a full range of travel tote bags as well as tote bags that you can use for the groceries, shopping, going to work, yoga class… you name it.

Toss a tote bag in the car for that day trip, overnight or long weekend. Totes are a great companion for camping trips, too. For items that you need at your ready, or things that are bulky and don’t fit in your luggage, a tote bag really comes in handy.

Many tote bags are packable, fitting into a small handbag for use getting groceries or to replace disposable shopping bags. There are tote bags that slip over the pull handle of your wheeled suitcase, making it a great companion piece for your wheeled carryon bag. You can also throw a tote bag into your luggage to use on day excursions, etc. Tote bags can even replace a more elaborate briefcase.

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