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Waist packs are a great companion for travelers as well as for life on the go in the city. Also known as fanny packs, waist bags or waist pouches, these handy travel accessories allow you to carry cash and a plethora of other personal items for which you need fast and easy access. Waist packs come in a variety of styles, materials and configurations.

Depending on where your travels take you, waist packs can be a great companion for the journey. It’s important to bear in mind that not all waist packs offer a level of security that you’d want for certain destinations. To sacrifice convenience for security, we would also recommend waist pouches and/or neck pouches for travels abroad or in the big city.

Waist bags do offer versatility and convenience, however, and can be great for a hike in the woods or while walking around town, etc.

From classic leather waist packs to water-resistant waist packs and more, Capital City Luggage carries a wide range of waist packs in Ottawa. Check them out on our site or in store today.